I subscribe to several blogs, and as I said in my introduction, one of my interests is politics and more particularly, foreign policy.  That being said, I’m subscribed to three different foreign policy blogs and one of them published this story:  https://globalvoices.org/2017/01/03/lence-zdravkin-a-macedonian-woman-whom-refugees-call-their-second-mother/

I have no idea if this woman is a Christian, but it would not surprise me if she is.  Regardless, three thoughts come to mind:

1). Christians ought to be acting in this manner:  Are there Christians in the Macedonian region ministering in this manner?  I’m sure there are.  The media tends not to report on Christian ministries, but there are far too many Christians who complain about refugees. We should be following this courageous woman’s example.

2). This is the area Paul evangelized:  I just can’t help but think that these refugees are walking in the same places Paul walked.  How would Paul and the early church have treated these refugees?  

3). We should pray: We should pray for so many situations, but specifically we should pray for the safety of the refugees.  We should pray that God will continue to use others to provide, comfort and peace, to show grace and mercy, and to act according to His will in this crises.

What do you think about the article?  What do you think about this refugee crises in general?  How do you feel Christians should respond?  Would you add anything to my points above?  


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