A New Segment: Dave Ramsey-isms

We’ve been working the Dave Ramsey baby step plan for the last few years. We really kicked it into high gear last year when I finally stopped being stupid and let my wife, “the nerd” handle the budget numbers. The last two weeks, we’ve had Dave’s show on the TV non-stop, and I’ve noticed he makes up new words. I love these new words, and I thought I’d start listing his Daveisms on the blog on Mondays. Here is our first Daveism:

Weird:Someone who has a paid off mortgage. We’ve all heard that you’ll live your whole life with two payments, a car payment, and a house payment. Dave disagrees, and if you call into his radio show with a paid off house, he calls you weird. The younger you are, the weirder you are.

There’s our first daveism. Do you know any? If you have any Daveisms please put them in the comments below.



  1. Paid off two homes in our life time. Did this by paying more than the required payment. You will be suprised how much interest you can save on a 30 year mortgage.


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